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Monday, October 29, 2007

driver licenses for illegal immigrants?

why on earth should an illegal immigrant be able to get a driver's license in this country? i am appalled that there's even a possibility of illegal immigrants being granted this government issued i.d. if you really want all the perks of living in the u.s.a., BECOME A CITIZEN!!! you're in our country illegally, and you're not paying taxes. why should my tax money go to allowing you to obtain a driver's license?

if you want to live here, do the right thing, and do it legally.


lagunabch said...

Um, not paying taxes? Only if employers are breaking the law. Sales taxes?

Bunny said...

Most do pay taxes. They use other people's SSNs to get a job, the taxes come out of their checks, and then they don't file a tax return to get a refund, so many actually pay MORE taxes than necessary.

Just sayin'

But driver's licenses are a privilege that should be reserved for permanent residents and citizens.