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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey gang...
So, in addition to my return to blogging, I've decided to get rid of the boy from my blog title. It's now the! I figure, I'm 32 years old...not so much a boy anymore, and I'm certainly not a boi. I dunno...just seems a bit more grown up.

I've imported my blog to

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GOP and Unemployment

As someone who, due to the nature of my profession, relies on unemployment benefits to tide me over until I line up my next job, it makes me crazy to see the Republican party playing politics by filibustering the next line of emergency unemployment benefit extensions. They claim to support the measure, but don't want to add to the deficit. But, they don't mind throwing billions of dollars to a war or bringing back Bush era tax cuts.

It's funny how quickly they forget that the reason the US is in this economic mess is because of 8 years of their fearless leader...W!

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Tea Party Meltdown

Hillary Clinton

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I think I've had enough of a break from blogging. I'm ready to come back. I re-designed the layout this evening to help with the fresh start.