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Monday, July 19, 2010

GOP and Unemployment

As someone who, due to the nature of my profession, relies on unemployment benefits to tide me over until I line up my next job, it makes me crazy to see the Republican party playing politics by filibustering the next line of emergency unemployment benefit extensions. They claim to support the measure, but don't want to add to the deficit. But, they don't mind throwing billions of dollars to a war or bringing back Bush era tax cuts.

It's funny how quickly they forget that the reason the US is in this economic mess is because of 8 years of their fearless leader...W!

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FortWorthGuy said...

A new name does nothing to change the old attitude. Sorry, Boi, but The One owns the economy more passing the buck. Quit listening to Gay, Inc and get a grip on reality. You probably have quite a number of fans who, just because they like to suck dicks, does not mean that they cannot or should not challenge your "party line" thoughts. Get some original lines.